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Salted Caramel Macchiato



  • Lose weight while maintaining muscle mass
  • Amino-acid building blocks of protein, it can help reduce food cravings
  • Rich source of caffeine which boosts metabolism means your body burns more calories at rest

Virgin Coconut Oil Creamer, Instant Coffee, Microground Coffee, Freeze Dry Coffee, Stabliser (340ii), Emulsifier (E481i), Soya Bean Powder, Green Coffee Powder, Guarana Powder, Inulin, Amino Acid Power, Anti Caking Agent, Permitted Flavouring

Nutrition Facts
Serving size: 1 sachet (16g)
Recommended serving size: 16g per 150 – 200ml

Directions for Drinking
For maximum results: 1 – 2 sachets daily
For maintenance of results: 3 – 4x weekly. If consumed daily, we recommend stopping after 3 months for a month period, before continuing again.
Maximum consumption: 2 sachets daily. Do not consume alcohol while taking supplements.
Recommended intake: Anytime during the day. Avoid consumption after 3pm to prevent sleep disruption.

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